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Why 3PL?

3rd Party Logistics, or 3PL, is a model of service delivery that utilises a specialist external provider to manage storage & distribution of goods and fulfilment of orders.

The outsourced tasks include any or all of:

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    Picking and Packing

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    Account Management

Using a 3PL partner frees you and your staff to take care of the more important aspects of your business – like growing your brand. Choosing your 3PL partner wisely gives you the peace of mind of knowing that each and every order is being dispatched with efficiency and professionalism.

Why Fastrack?

The highest quality business, the most sensational product, the best promoted service, is only as good as the quality of delivery to the customer.

When you entrust your fulfilment services to a third party provider you want to be sure they will take care of your customers exactly as you would. This is what makes Fastrack Fulfilment stand out from the crowd of 3PL providers out there. Our unique service model puts your customer at the centre – we are just as committed to serving each one of them, as you are.

Fastrack Fulfilment has been specialising in logistics for six years now, with a combined 30+ years of expertise in the freight and distribution field. Our experience gives us the advantage of understanding the requirements needed to ensure the last mile success of your product delivery to your customer.

Our services offer flexibility and responsiveness to each customer’s unique needs. We are family-owned and operated, with happy and dedicated staff, and a hands-on approach at every level of our organisation.

We have at our fingertips the resources and technology to do the whole job for you, or alternatively we are equally able to offer a modular solution interfaced with your own systems to meet your business requirements. Don’t expect a “one size fits all” solution from Fastrack! You can always be confident that the service you receive from Fastrack Fulfilment has been individually tailored to the unique needs of your business.

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    Customer Service

    Our unique service model puts your customer at the centre

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    Specialist Expertise

    Our 30+ years of combined expertise at your fingertips

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    Tailored Solution

    Personalised service designed to meet your needs

Customer-centric expert service is what makes Fastrack Fulfilment different. This is why you choose us.

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Our Services

While you’re busy taking care of the public face of your business, you need to know there’s someone out in the warehouse keeping the wheels turning. That’s where Fastrack Fulfilment comes in.

At Fastrack we are able to offer you a full quota of fulfilment services tailored to your business requirements.

For each of our valued clients we have developed a fully personalised profile of services, consisting of the following:

  • Warehousing
  • Picking and Packing Orders
  • Order Dispatch
  • Inward and Outbound Container Services
  • Full Integration services available via API or FTP, that fully automate:
    • order processing
    • inventory management
    • order dispatch
    • Receiving PO and ASN
    • Shopping Cart automation, Big Commerce, eBay, Shopify and more
    • EDI transmission

Whether you require a full end-to-end service or management of selected aspects of order fulfilment, you will find in Fastrack Fulfilment a business partner dedicated to ensuring your business is known for excellent fulfilment and delivery of customer orders.

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Warehousing Warehousing Fastrack Fulfilment’s warehousing resources are second to none. Our clean, secure and well-managed warehouse space enables us to place a virtual store at your disposal. Our segmented warehouse model can provide you with your own warehouse within a warehouse where staff dedicated to your account will ensure your stock gets the personal handling it deserves.
Shipping Order Dispatch The dispatch process is fully integrated with our 3PL software, streamlining order transfer while maintaining accuracy. Our commitment to you is that your orders are shipped according to your needs.
Container Services Container Services With decades of combined specialist experience in the freight industry, Fastrack Fulfilment is well placed to offer you assistance with all aspects of container services. From packing to unpacking, checking and receipting goods, and allocating into inventory. What do you need? Let us know, and we’ll make it happen.
Delivery Services Full Integration services Depending on the complexity of your back of house, we have the ability to fully integrate via API or FTP with access to: order processing, inventory, order dispatch and tracking, receiving purchase orders, shopping carts and EDI.
Picking and Packing Orders Picking and Packing Orders If you want to ensure a positive and trouble-free experience for your customers, you need go no further than Fastrack Fulfilment. Our staff will be thoroughly versed on picking and packing your orders, right down to the finest detail. We know that your business relies upon quick, accurate and reliable provision of product to each and every customer.
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